My Wishlist

If you would like to keep track of titles you intend to purchase in the future, you can use the My Wishlist portion of your BookStrand.com account.

How do I add a title to My Wishlist?

First, find the title you would like to add. You can locate a title using the Search feature in the top left-hand corner, or you can search by subject matter using the categories on the left side of the screen.

When you have located a book that you would like to save for later purchase, click on the gray Wish List button to add it to your list.

The book is now added to your wishlist.

How do I view the books in my Wishlist?

To view the books you have added to your wishlist, hover over your login name and select Wish List from the dropdown that appears.

Here, you will be directed to the Wish List portion of your account, where you can review, purchase, and manage your wishlist.

How do I remove a title from my Wishlist?
If you need to remove a title from your wishlist, simply click the Remove button next to the book.
Can I purchase a book from my Wishlist?
You can buy a book from your wishlist buy clicking the Move to cart button next to the title. The book is now added to your shopping cart, and will be removed from your wishlist.

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