Bookstrand’s RSS feed allows you to view our updated bestseller list and newest titles in real time through an RSS reader.

What do I need to subscribe to BookStrand's RSS feed?

Make sure you have access to an RSS reader.  Some popular ones are Google Reader, iGoogle, Bloglines, and My Yahoo.

If you are using Chrome to view the RSS feed, you’ll also need to download the RSS Subscription Extension.

How do I subscribe to the RSS Feed?

Navigate to BookStrand.com scroll down to the feed icon , located on the right side of the page below the Bestsellers list.

Click on the feed icon .  You can choose to subscribe to a feed of the newest releases or a feed of the top 100 Bestsellers.

When you click on the icon, you’ll see a preview of the content in the feed and a button to subscribe to the feed.  Depending on your browser, you’ll also have a dropdown menu where you can choose the reader in which you’d like to view the feed, or a popup window menu where you can choose the reader.

Click subscribe to automatically receive updates for the newest titles and bestsellers.

Can I use a desktop-based RSS application to view my RSS feeds?

You can use a desktop-based RSS application like FeedDemon to view BookStrand.com’s RSS feeds.

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