You can access and manage purchased books from the Bookshelf portion of your BookStrand.com account. When you complete a purchase, the titles will appear under Recent Purchases.

Can I view purchases older than my most recent order?
BookStrand.com allows you to view your last five orders by clicking the View Last Five Orders.
How do I search for a book?
Search for a title in your bookshelf by typing the title into the search bar next to Your Bookshelf.
How do I rate or review my purchased titles?

BookStrand.com also allows you to rate books that you have read, as well as add reviews to BookStrand.com’s sister site, My Earnest Reviews.

To rate a title without writing a review, just click on the number of stars you'd like to give the book, using the gray stars next to the title.

To review a title, click on the Write Review button. When you are done typing your review, click Publish Review.

For more details about using the My Earnest Reviews site, see the FAQs.

How do I view all my pre-orders?
View all the pre-orders in your bookshelf by clicking on the All Pre-Orders button. This will show a list of the books that will be available to download soon.

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