How to Read eBooks on Blackberry

Can I read eBooks on my Blackberry?
Yes, you can read eBooks on your Blackberry Pearl, Curve or Bold models.
Do I need to download any software to read books on my Blackberry?
Yes. You will need to download Mobipocket reader on your Blackberry. You will also need to install the Mobipocket Reader for PC software on your computer.
What formats do you recommend using on my Blackberry?
We recommend using the PRC (Mobipocket) format for your Blackberry.
How do I add eBooks to my Blackberry?
  1. Download and install the Mobipocket reader on both your PC and your Blackberry.
  2. Purchase a PRC (Mobipocket) from our store using your computer and save it locally.
  3. Connect your Blackberry to your computer using your USB cord.
  4. Open the desktop version of Mobipocket Reader.
  5. Drag and drop the eBooks from their location on your computer onto the eBooks header on the top left-hand section of the Mobipocket Reader.
  6. At the top of the screen, hold down the send button, and select your Blackberry from the list.
  7. A message will appear telling you that the eBook has been successfully sent to your Blackberry.
  8. Disconnect your Blackberry.
  9. Open the Mobipocket reader app on your Blackberry. The book will appear in your bookshelf.
For more help, see the Mobipocket Reader FAQs.

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