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The Wives Tales

Print Collection

The Miner's Wife  :  The Executive's Wife  :  The Lawman's Wife  (The Mercenary's Wife is not included in this print collection)

4 Stars: "These slightly connected tales are exceptionally good. The characters are well developed, and the world-building is well done without being overwhelmingly technical. The heroes are everything that heroes should be, and the heroines are strong without losing their femininity."Romantic Times BOOKreviews

In the year 2076, the Tiberius Group invades U.S. society, implementing a new plan for the good of its citizens giving woman new rules. Three women auctioned off in separate venues to genetically bred strangers are uniquely destined to discover love in unusual places, offering their tale of seduction.

In The Miner's Wife, Hannah is sold into sexual servitude to a genetically bred stranger and finds love in the arms of her sexy miner. "5 Stars/Winner 2006 Reviewers' Choice Award" —Ecataromance, "5 Angels" —Fallen Angel Reviews, "5 Hot Tattoos" —Erotic Escapades, "4.5 Blue Ribbons" —Romance Junkies, "4.5 Hearts" —The Romance Studio, "4.5 Kisses" —Two Lips Reviews, "4.5 Stars" —Just Erotica Romance Reviews, "4.5 Unicorns" —Enchanted in Romance.

The Miner's Wife: Story Excerpt  |  Adult Excerpt

In The Executive's Wife, Sophie is auctioned into marriage to her dream man, but will she be the executive's former wife when his ambitious father conspires to get rid of her? "scorch-your- fingertips sex" Leslie Kelly, "5 Stars" —Ecataromance, "4.5 Stars/Hot" Just Erotic Romance Reviews, "4.5 Kisses" Two Lips Reviews.

The Executive's Wife: Story Excerpt  |  Adult Excerpt

In The Lawman's Wife, the impeccable Lawman Jonathan Brent pays a mere $10 at a public auction to marry the woman who haunts his many dreams—then goes on the run to protect her. "scorch-your- fingertips sex" Leslie Kelly, "5 Stars/Hot" —Just Erotic Romance Reviews, "5 Kisses" —Two Lips Reviews, "4.5 Stars" —Ecataromance, "4.5 Blue Ribbons" —Romance Junkies.

The Lawman's Wife: Story Excerpt  |  Adult Excerpt



Sensuality Rating: SCORCHING
Length: Humongous Novel (146,000 words)

Siren: All-Time Bestsellers
Fictionwise: All were Top 10 Bestsellers

Print collection contains the first three books:

Lara Santiago - The Miner's Wife (The Wives Tales)     Lara Santiago - The Executive's Wife (The Wives Tales)     Lara Santiago - The Lawman's Wife (The Wives Tales)


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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston


Print Collection
The Miner's Wife
The Executive's Wife
The Lawman's Wife
ISBN: 1-933563-28-1
Trade Paperback $17.99

The Wives Tales 1
ISBN: 1-933563-05-2
E-book $3.99


The Wives Tales 2
ISBN: 1-933563-26-5
E-book $4.99


The Wives Tales 3
ISBN: 1-933563-27-3
E-book $4.99

The Wives Tales 4
ISBN: 1-933563-99-0
E-book $5.99

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REVIEWS for The Miner's Wife [The Wives Tales 1]

5 Stars: WINNER: Ecataromance 2006 Reviewers' Choice Award. "The Miner's Wife is a story that will capture your attention and keep it. With an intriguing plot, engaging characters and explosive sex, this story has it all. Hannah's background is almost unbelievable. The quick and powerful rise of the new Tiberius Group has surprised everyone, especially the women. Their antiquated views of women and their place in society are in direct opposition to what she's worked so hard for all of her life. When she meets Brutal, she expects him to treat her in the same manner that her father and her previous husband did. But he eventually surprises her, showing her gentleness, caring and support throughout the story which she hadn't received from the men who were supposed to care for her. Brutal is a bio-genetically engineered man, who must have sex in order to recharge his batteries. I loved this! Brutal is definitely all man, strong, sexy and a hard worker. Not only does he need sex, he gets a better charge from his partner's satisfaction, and boy, does he satisfy! Hannah and Brutal are highly combustible, enjoying their sexual escapades and explorations. But what I really liked about Brutal was his caring attitude toward Hannah. He allows her the opportunity to work and show her intelligence and believed in her when no one else would. The pace of this story is just right, telling about their backgrounds then quickly moving to their relationship. With a little danger from Brutal's nemesis and a surprise from Hannah's past, you won't find one minute of boredom is this story. Add this one to your must read list and keep on the lookout for the other Wives Tales!" Trang, Ecataromance

5 Angels: "Lara Santiago has created a wonderful story mixed with futuristic elements, uncertainty of ones emotions, and a splash of danger from an evil miner. Hannah is a feisty, charismatic woman that is passionate and has a personality that readers will love. Brutal, although he can be very deadly, offers readers a possessive and protective man that is honorable regardless of the arrangement between Hannah and him. The chemistry between Brutal and Hannah is explosive, mind-blowing, and quite tantalizing to say the least. As the plot intensifies, readers will be pleased with a couple of surprises along the way. These surprises will only make the readers love Brutal more and cheer for Hannah to have what she wants. The Miner’s Wife is a wonderful story about finding love when and where you aren’t looking for it!" —Jessica, Fallen Angel Reviews

5 Hot Tattoos: "The Miner’s Wife by Lara Santiago is a great book. I love the premise and plot. I could not put the book down. There is action, suspense, and romance all combined to make a reader’s heart race. The well developed characters grow as the story progresses. Brutal looks like a gruff rough miner but he has a heart of gold. His tenderness and understanding towards Hannah started my heart to fluttering. Hannah is a modern independent woman forced under the new world order’s thumb. The determination and strength she possesses helps her succeed in her changing world.
     The racy love scenes between Hannah and Brutal leave little to the imagination. An instant attraction bonds these two lovers and propels them into a sensual world of desire and passion. I would gladly live on another planet for a man like Brutal. Ms. Santiago has created a vivid futuristic story for the romantic. I can not wait for her next work." —Ophelia, Erotic-Escapades

4.5 Hearts: The Romance Studio 2006 CAPA Nominee. "This book is a never-ending adventure, and readers will find themselves wrapped up in the drama that Brutal and Hannah create. Brutal lives up to his name with a dark and sensual air that readers will love. Hannah is a free spirit who finds that maybe all men aren't alike. The love scenes are so hot, the pages almost burn with the heat. This is the first book I have read by Lara Santiago and Siren Publishing. I can certainly say that I will be on the lookout for more of this author's work in the future." Angel, The Romance Studio

REVIEWS for The Executive's Wife [The Wives Tales 2]

5 Stars: 2006 Reviewers' Choice Award Nominee: "Once again Lara Santiago has written an intriguing and engaging story in The Executive's Wife. Having waited ever so patiently for this follow up to The Miner's Wife, I can honestly say it was worth it. Sophie and Matt have an explosive chemistry which is immediately apparent. Initially, they are concerned with the employer/employee relationship but once the Tiberius Group institutes its changes, all bets are off. Matt will use any means at his disposal to get the one woman he wants. Sophie's character may seem a little unruffled at first, but it is soon obvious that she's got a will of steel and will do anything in her power to help those that she loves. The premise of this story follows the previous in that Matt is bio-genetically engineered but there are subtle differences. The adversity that they immediately face in their marriage adds an intensity and urgency to their relationship which is revealed in their frequent lovemaking. In addition to all of that, this well paced story also has a lot of suspense and even a few surprising twists in the plot. The Executive's Wife is a must read for fans of Ms. Santiago as well as the Wives Tales." Trang, Ecataromance 

4.5 Stars/Hot: "The Wives Tales 2: The Executive’s Wife was refreshing and scary at the same time. I’m sure someone in the world would love nothing more than to see women’s rights taken away and Lara Santiago presented what would happen in detail. The fact that Sophie got the man she always wanted was good fortune, but life did not work out so well for her sister. I’m dying to read [Hannah's] story, but I was more than satisfied with The Wives Tales 2: The Executive’s Wife. Sophie and Matt were dynamic characters that kept me turning the pages. I wanted to see more of them and the love they shared. Their sex life was stimulating and well earned. Matt’s father was obnoxious as well as determined. The man just would not give up on his dream for his son. It was more like an obsession. I had to give him credit for his gumption. Moreover, he made the story more interesting. After reading The Executive’s Wife, I am greedy for more. While I wait for the next installment, I plan to read the first Wives Tale [The Miner's Wife]." Suni Farrar, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4.5 Kisses: "Lara Santiago is a very talented author and the men in her books are absolutely to die for. Matt is honest, straightforward, sexy, protective and a loving alpha male that no woman could resist (or would want to). He doesn't hide from his feelings which is very refreshing and even shows his vulnerability to the woman he loves. Sophie is funny, kind, and a wonderful mate for Matthew. The heady combination of these two characters makes the intensely erotic love scenes even hotter. I recommend reading The Executive's Wife and look forward reading more pieces written by Lara Santiago!"  Kerin, Two Lips Reviews

REVIEWS for The Lawman's Wife [The Wives Tales 3]

5 Stars/Hot: "The Lawman’s Wife, book three of The Wives Tales, was well worth the wait. Ms. Santiago knows how to capture her readers and keep them entertained until the very last word and demanding more. Grace’s character suffered a horrible sexual encounter when she was a teenager that left her emotional scared by sex. I enjoyed the way Grace was able to overcome the challenges that she had and was able to be a wonderful mother. There were times when Grace appeared to be naïve, but as I continued to read I noticed that she was doing everything to protect her child from harm -even appearing to be meek to the man she thought was her husband of convenience, Danny Cox. Jon was also a strong character overcoming his genetic enhancement received as a teenager, instead of turning into a sexual vampire he focused on keeping his sexual needs at bay with the help of medication. The sexual chemistry between Grace and Jon was sizzling from the moment they met in the elevator. Jon was aware of Grace’s sexual history and didn’t want to alarm her with his desire, but [imagine] his surprise when Grace turned into the sexual aggressor in their relationship. Just Smoking!!!! The action in the book was on point and well written. Nothing appeared to be out of place with this story. Bravo Ms. Santiago, for another job well done!" LT Blue, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

5 Kisses: "Jon is a wonderful man, with a kind and caring heart. It doesn’t hurt that he’s also drop-dead gorgeous and sexy to boot! The manner in which he cares for Grace and Emma is sweet and will fill your heart with emotion. Grace has been through so much and her unwavering commitment to her daughter is beautiful while her own search for peace will pull at your heartstrings. The chemistry between Jon and Grace is undeniable and their love scenes are scorching. This latest installment of The Wives Tales is definitely the most intense and adds a good balance to the series. I definitely recommend reading The Lawman’s Wife and feel that the entire The Wives Tales series should be on everyone’s must-read list!" Kerin, Two Lips Reviews

4.5 Stars: 2006 Reviewers' Choice Award Nominee: "As the third book in the Wives Tales, The Lawman's Wife definitely delivers. Ms. Santiago paints a picture of oppression and desperation for Grace and other women. Even with her painful past, Grace manages to be a sweet woman and wonderful mother and when Jonathan rescues her – both times – he is the only man who has ever showed her any gentleness. In addition, he's the only man to ever excite her. Jonathan believes he's only rescuing Grace because of sympathy but in fact, his feelings run much deeper. Their struggle to beat the clock to become man and wife, build a relationship and try to keep their little family together despite a sexual predator makes for one fantastic finish to this trilogy. This fast paced story is one that will draw you in and have you wishing for more." Trang, Ecataromance 


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