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Since January 2006, Siren-BookStrand has published over 5,000 original e-books, with over 4,500 in print format

Our success comes from knowing what our readers love to read and delivering the reading experience that meets their expectations. Readers love our books because of the well-developed characters and story lines as well as the hot love scenes. Life without spice is bland, and we have fourteen different imprints to meet every taste. We have a large, loyal base of readers, many of whose permanent bookshelves are stocked with hundreds of our titles. They are passionate buyers of our books.

Currently, Siren-BookStrand publishes between 80 to 100 new titles each month, which are sold exclusively at BookStrand.com for the first four to six weeks. Our books are popular at our major distributors, such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Our titles are prominent on many of their bestseller lists. We strive to make each book we publish the best that it can be.

At Siren-BookStrand, many stars are born. We have over 600 authors writing for us. About 75 of these authors write exclusively for us, many of whom dominate bestselling lists wherever their current titles are sold. We are fortunate to have some of the very best authors in this industry writing for us. They are talented, prolific, highly imaginative, and all-around fabulous.

Several dozen Siren-BookStrand authors consistently receive a 5-figure royalty payment quarterly, with about a dozen of these authors earning between $100K to $300K annually. Under the Siren Advance Payment Program, each month we pay out over $100K in advances to select authors who meet Publisher's specific requirements. We are the first e-publisher in the industry to pay monthly advances from $1,000 to as high as $10,000 per author.

Siren-BookStrand was the first publisher to offer all our authors access to real-time sales data for titles published by us and sold from the BookStrand.com website. This adds to the excitement of each new release and empowers our authors to make better informed decisions as they write and promote.

We brand our company and our imprints through many advertising venues, all of which are solely at our cost. We spent over $200K annually marketing our company brand.

We are a full-service, royalty-paying publishing company. Our authors never have to pay to be published with us. We make royalty payments to our authors on time, all the time.

We have a staff of 20 full-time professionals who have at least a bachelor's degree. All of our editors major either in English or Journalism.

Our offices are headquartered in Austin, Texas. Our regular business hours are Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., CST.





Amanda Hilton, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief



Amanda Dawn, Lead Evaluation Editor

Katie Farrow, Acquisition Editor



Jack Woodward, Senior Editor

Erica Ross, Senior Editor

Rachel Ripley, Senior Editor

Devin Govaere, Senior Editor

Wendy Jo Dymond

Erin Cramer

Phoebe West

Heather Maloney

Jen Saffrey

Kristen Pavka

Michele Moore

Judi Mobley

Kerry Genova

Tricia Kirk

Amanda Jean

Stephanie Darden


Cover Artists

Les Byerley

Harris Channing

Christine Kirchoff


Art & Web Development

Michael S., Lead Information Architect

Jair G., Graphic Design Architect

Anthony C., Information Architect


Administration & Support

Erin Vaughan, Lead Technical Coordinator

Amber Wilson, Production & Cover Admin

Stephen Hanson, Production & Print Coordinator

Jasmine Lane, Production Assistant

Brittany Edrea, Coordinating Assistant

Howie M., Customer/Client Support




2500 S. Lamar Blvd.
Austin, TX 78704


Headquarters for Siren-BookStrand, 2500 S. Lamar Blvd., Austin, Texas




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